Interview: Ways to be Kind to Your Body When You Don't Like It Very Much

I was interviewed for a two-part series of articles on PsychCentral about self-compassion and body image. I shared my perspective on the ways that self-compassion practices provide powerful gateways to relating with deeper kindness and acceptance to our physical selves. Some of these practices come from the Mindful Self-Compassion course, which I teach. Others are practices that I’ve developed and shared over the years.

Self-Expression vs. Self-Improvement

Each January, it’s tempting to start thinking about resolutions and creating plans for how we’re going to become new and improved versions of ourselves. The means may vary ~ a change in exercise frequency, eating habits, finances, career ~ but the underlying assumption is often the same: There’s something wrong with the way we are right now. While the impulse for growth is an essential part of being alive, when we pursue it in a way that’s disconnected from a respect for who we are, it can feel oppressive instead of liberating.