Our mission is to contribute to a more compassionate and inclusive world by fostering personal and interpersonal transformation through self-compassion-based therapy and programs for all people.


Guiding Principles

1. Integral approach. We facilitate the integration of body, mind and spirit in clients and students. We value their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creative, somatic, and social dimensions.

2. Affirmation of spirituality. We honor multiple spiritual traditions and their free expression and embodiment in clients and students.

3. Commitment to cultural diversity. We work cross-culturally with humility and respect, and our work reflects a commitment to the diversity of the world's cultures and spiritual traditions.

4. Foster multiple ways of learning and teaching. We honor many learning modalities and ways of knowing in clients and students ~ intuition, body-knowledge, creative expression, intellect, and spiritual insight.

5. Advocate justice and sustainability. We embrace intellectual, cultural, and spiritual traditions that further the effectiveness of emancipatory movements such as feminism, social and political liberation, cultural self-expression, and ecological activism.

6. Support community. We believe that a community thrives based on core values that affirm shared understandings, differences, and humane concerns.