Professional Training

Our trainings teach professionals how to incorporate self-compassion into their self-care and clinical work.

Self-compassion is a valuable resource for both clinicians and clients. Research has shown that it is strongly linked to wellbeing. 

According to a growing body of empirical evidence, self-compassionate people:

  • are better able to cope with life challenges, such as divorce, trauma and chronic pain.
  • are more likely to compromise in relationship conflicts, and are more compassionate toward others.
  • engage in healthier behaviors such as exercise, eating well, and drinking less.
  • take greater personal responsibility for their actions and are more likely to apologize if they’ve offended someone.
  • are less afraid of failure and more likely to try again and persist in their efforts after failing.

Each training is individually tailored to what you need. We will design your training to focus either on the clinical applications of self-compassion, or on self-compassion to avoid empathy fatigue and caregiver burnout.

Lea offered a self-compassion training at our Center’s retreat, and her teaching was truly helpful to our team ~ both personally and clinically. I received lots of positive feedback from my staff, and they left with tools they can use to help avoid empathy fatigue. I strongly recommend her self-compassion trainings.
— Kyle McMahan, MFT, Director of The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center