Therapy, Workshops and Groups Focused on Self-Compassion


The Bay Area is vibrant, diverse and constantly changing, and life here can also be stressful as you try to balance work and relationships. It's easy to feel like you are out of touch with yourself, constantly reacting to life and putting out fires, rather than making choices from a place of inner authority. When you lose touch with your internal compass, you lose trust in yourself.

It’s hard to feel whole and truly confident without self-compassion. You may know how to be there for others, but do you know how to be there for yourself? Relationships at home and at work can get complicated and painful when connecting also means self-sacrifice.

Our clients tend to be smart, quirky, creative, reflective, community-minded professionals. They are often perfectionists who expect a lot from themselves. At the same time, they sometimes find it difficult to take their needs seriously and then find that others don’t take their needs seriously, either. This often gets in the way of them having the kinds of relationships or work experiences that they want.

Our Center is here to help you learn to be honest and kind with yourself. Life transitions, challenges, and times of uncertainty can evoke powerlessness and frustration in many people. When life gives you a plot twist, your power lies in how you relate to it. When you develop your capacity for self-compassion, you come to trust yourself and better know your own wisdom. From that knowing, you can make more confident and compassionate choices in your relationships, health, finances and career.


If you feel stuck in your relationship or career or you notice that you often feel defensive in conflicts with others, your relationship with yourself is probably out of alignment. When you relate to yourself with criticism, rather than understanding, you’re more likely to make reactive choices that you later second-guess. You're not alone in this; many people feel like their own worst enemy. Our self-compassion-based services can help you:

  • feel more connected in relationships

  • develop better boundaries

  • lower stress

  • increase resilience when facing challenges

  • have greater insight, focus and effectiveness

What’s right for me?

There are many ways to cultivate self-compassion, and each person has unique needs, depending on their situation, schedule and level of interest. Our Center offers a variety of options so that we can best serve all people who want to be kinder to themselves. Our goal is to help you find pragmatic ways to practice self-compassion in your everyday life.

If you want depth-oriented, one-on-one support, self-compassion therapy may be a good fit. We also offer classes, workshops, meditation groups, and professional trainings. These offerings focus on building resources in a supportive community. If you feel more comfortable exploring self-compassion on your own at home, you can practice with our free guided meditations.